Y’all criticizing the youth but y’all more hypocrite

I eh lying uh, some of dem adults nowadays eh no example for our young people gasa. Fr. Like summa dem people quick to bash young people and they eh no better, dat making sense?

Before a schoolgirl start dancing to a song, they deh like police. Oh “that’s all she good for”, “she just like her mother”, “dem chilren nowadays”, ek ki sar, sar, sar. They have all kinna ting to say, but they eh setting no example for young people.

Now I eh supporting everyting young people doing eh, doh get me wrong, summa dem youts just outta hand, fr. But adults need to know that they have a great impact on the youths because most times monkey see and monkey do.

Now adults can do certain things chilren cyah do eh, that’s just how it works. That’s the whole point of adulthood. But doh try an use that as an excuse for everything.

Like the way summa dem getting on does really turn me off. You want to sing all kinna unclean songs and behave in all kinna ways in front of young people but you “disappointed” when you see the same ting being done.

Make it make senseee!

Gasa I outta there cuz you see me, I good. Chupse.

By Basic B