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Chenoa Peters
Word on the Street

Word on the Street: “What I think about parents going through their children’s phones.”

Chenoa Peters — “Yes, I think so, because with me personally when I was growing up my mom used to

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I run far I run long I run wide I run and I run and I run Running to Or

J. T Tench
Youth Perspective

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome — Issue Seven

This past week, while drinking some tea, a realisation dawned on me: people aren’t inherently bad, they’re just inherently human.

Tiffany Haddish

Guess You Didn’t Know This… Celebs Who Live on a Budget

Ed Sheeran Despite having a net worth of approximately $200 million, the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer limits himself to living


Y’all Always Wanna Fight Somebody Down. Chupse.

One fing about Lucians, we like to fight each other down eh, I must say. Gasa it’s high time we

Xenia Douglas

Keeping up with Xenia Douglas: Carnival Queen, Author, Health Enthusiast!

Xenia Douglas is a vivacious 26-year-old, born and raised in the community of La Toc Castries. Growing up as the

Poets Corner

Stop The Violence Now

The tall and the short, The rejected and distort, Everyone at some point Has experienced violence STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW

J. T Tench
Youth Perspective

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome — Issue Six

I read somewhere that “when you choose the behaviour, you also choose the consequences” – and that stayed with me


Y’all criticizing the youth but y’all more hypocrite

I eh lying uh, some of dem adults nowadays eh no example for our young people gasa. Fr. Like summa

Emlin Nandy Emery

Emlin Nandy Emery — Setting Trends with ENE

At 26, Emlin Nandy Emery is at the top of her game, and there’s no doubt in my mind that